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Providing competitive technology solutions for local government and public agencies.

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Maui Software Development

Services we provide

We offer you a highly skilled and experienced team all located within the State of Hawaii.

Project Management
We work directly with your team to plan and manage project deliverables, develop business resources and track progress to completion, all while providing complete transparency.
Infrastructure and Operations
Our team can provide on-premises application infrastructure services or develop a distributed system deployed to the cloud through your preferred platform.
Application Development
From your initial requirements through a iterative development cycles we aim to work with you along the way to ensure all your features are implemented and tested properly.
Governance and Training
We assist with understanding and providing data governance training to your team to keep your projects in compliance. We provide information sessions on how to use any new software applications that have been developed.

Front-end Development

This is also known as the presentation layer of the development process. It determines how your users interact with and view data. Your user-facing decisions are determined in this step. We utilize industry best practices and tooling to craft an appealing design and user experience.

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Back-end Development

User stories are the underpinnings to solid business workflow which delivers your data and information when it's needed. Backend development ties your users' interactions with resulting data in logical and conditional ways. These reflect your business practices. Our experience spans many years working with state and local government administrative, supervisory and end users that allows us to translate your business practices into a complete application.

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Database Development

Data is at the core of your business function. In this phase we guide you through gathering requirements, producing a system specification, designing, implementing and testing. We utilize data aids in helping you understand what matters most. During this process we consider data integrity, security, transparency and accessibility.

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Making an impact

At Maui Software Development Center, we are catalysts for change, focusing on projects that empower communities, such as Child Welfare Services, Adult Protective Services, and scholarship programs for Maui residents. Our approach combines technical expertise with an understanding of the challenges faced by the people we serve, resulting in software that promotes inclusivity and social welfare.

We engage stakeholders from diverse backgrounds in a collaborative process, developing software that resonates with the communities it serves and facilitates meaningful change. Our commitment extends beyond software development, as we invest in education and skill-building programs, providing scholarships and opportunities for Maui residents in the tech industry.

As we evolve and expand our impact, we remain dedicated to developing projects that promote social good and foster a lasting legacy for the entire community.

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